Brits are looking closer to home for their next summer holiday. 73% of people took no annual leave at all in April 2020, which has left a backlog of holiday time to use up this summer. With restrictions on travelling overseas, and anxiety about the risks of being abroad during the pandemic, more Brits than ever are opting for a staycation. Suffolk is one of the top-rated destinations in the UK, with Schofields insurance providers naming it within the top five from their list of off-the-beaten-track locations.

If you’re heading to Suffolk this summer, here’s what to look for before booking your holiday rental.

Location, Location, Location

When selecting your holiday accommodation in Suffolk, as well as checking that the standard of accommodation fits with your requirements, you’ll also want to pay attention to where you’ll be based during your trip. If beautiful scenery is important to you, then our self-catering country retreats in the Dedham Vale are the perfect choice. As John Constable famously depicted the area, and even our cottages, in his landscapes, you can be certain that you’ll be arriving in a truly spectacular part of the country. Your trip will afford you the opportunity to unwind in these tranquil surroundings, whilst getting back to nature – all of which are important for mental health during a particularly challenging year.

Breadth of Activities

The wonderful backdrop is only part of the story in peaceful Suffolk, as there are also plenty of exciting activities to keep you occupied during your stay. When booking your summer holiday accommodation, you’ll want to make sure that there are easy trips out that will appeal to you and your travel companions. If you’re on holiday with your family, then be assured that Suffolk offers a breadth of options for the kids. For transport enthusiasts, your little ones will love the Anglia Railway museum in the village of Chappel. Animal lovers will have a great day out at both Jimmy’s Farm and Colchester Zoo to see a wide range of creatures amidst plenty of play equipment. If your group is looking for some thrill-seeking adventures, then you might like to head to Alton Water Sports Centre where you can enjoy everything from canoeing to windsurfing. Before you select your summer holiday accommodation, be sure that your activities of choice are an easy drive away. Also be aware that during the pandemic you may need to book tickets ahead of your visit as numbers may be more limited than usual.

Bringing The Family Dog

If you have a family dog and want to stay united during your staycation to Suffolk, then it’s essential that you choose appropriate pet-friendly accommodation. All of our Suffolk holiday cottages are dog-friendly, so whether you stay at our 3-bed cottage at The Cartlodge or at our exclusive Barhams Manor, you can be assured that your furry friend will feel right at home. Any trip with a four-legged friend requires a little extra research, but here at Idyllic Cottages, we’ve already compiled lists of dog-friendly hikes, beaches, pubs and restaurants in the local area for your convenience.

We’re passionate about The Dedham Vale and love to share our knowledge with our guests. If you’ve booked accommodation for a summer holiday in Suffolk, then please feel free to get in touch with us before your arrival and we’ll be happy to make some recommendations for your stay.